YapıPAN SIP Panel House is an economical way to build your house.

YapıPAN SIP Panel is cheaper than most traditional concrete buildings, steel prefabricated buildings that have high cost of heating, wood houses and old fashion prefabricated buildings and they reduce the amount of your gas and electrical bills.

YapıPAN SIP Panel is strong, durable and flexible.

Each panel can carry up to 2.000 kg.  load by means of  their special structures.

YapıPAN SIP Panel is the most energy efficient  structural material ever in the world.

The heat conductvitiy of 17.4 cm. thickness YapıPAN is equal to;

60   cm. - Gas concrete walls

230 cm. - Brick walls

450 cm. - Concrete walls



 Company Name: YapıTÜRK TEKNİK İnş. Müh. Yapı Malzemeleri Tic. Ltd. Şti. 

 Address: Gaziler Mahallesi 246 Sokak Küçük Esnaf Sanayi Sitesi,


Mobile (Whatsapp, Telegram): +90 532 393 16 95 

 E-mail: info@yapipansip.com

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